Membership & ID Cards

Brooke Business Forms offers a wide variety of Membership and ID Card Products. All of our card products are laser printer compatible.

Out-Brand Your Competition With Quality Membership Cards

When your museum operates in a competitive market, it’s important to project a professional image in all that you do. Distributing high-quality membership cards to members is part of that image.

A large art museum in Manhattan, New York City, recently had a challenge in this area. Membership cards were delivered late, printed incorrectly on the sheets, and required new software programming to use the same cards they had been using for several years. Their supplier refused to pay for the software upgrades or reprint the membership card sheets that had been printed incorrectly, prompting the museum to look for a new supplier. Read more click here.

How Stuhr Museum Solved Its Membership Card Problem

Using a typewriter to create membership cards may seem passé, but that’s what the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer was doing until recently. They typed information on plain card stock (which did not hold up well) and even typed addresses on the envelopes to mail them to members. But no more!

Brooke Business Forms solved this challenge by using an 8.5 x 11 sheet with 1 or 2 integrated cards, laminated on both sides, which they printed for the museum. All the Stuhr staff had to do was run them through their laser printer to print the member name and information. They then tri-folded each sheet and inserted it into a window envelope for mailing. The laminated card is very durable and lasts a long time. 

“We checked locally for a product like this but could not find a company that could match the quality, price point or customer service of Brooke Business Forms,” said Renae Hunt, Facility Events Manager/Volunteer Coordinator for the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer. To learn more about this solution click here.

Integrated Cards & Labels

Integrated Cards are a more cost effective alternative to our 7mil plastic card options. Integrated cards can be produced on a variety of paper stocks and laminate choices. They also have a lay-flat profile for easier flow through your laser printer. 

Our DriTac®  or Tipped-on Plastic Cards
Our DriTac® is a true plastic card that can be affixed in any position on the sheet and can have up to 6 cards on an 8 1/2-in. X 11-in. sheet. This is one of our most popular card products.

Our LaserWell™ card product sits in a debossed "well" or cavity into which the plastic membership card is affixed, making the overall document coplanar.  This construction means LaserWell membership ID cards run smoothly through network laser printers for jam-free personalization.  

This is an integrated plastic perf-out card made specifically for double-sided printing. This product can be purchased blank in very small quantities. The flat construction ensures that your pages are neatly stacked, which helps keep your printer from jamming. You can print your own cards very inexpensively. 

Our RealCard®

Our RealCard® product is an awesome addition to our line of plastic membership cards and is laser & ink jet compatible. You can have up to 8 cards on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet. You have the ability to print on both sides of this card. This product can be purchased blank in very small quantities. You can print your own cards very inexpensively.

Xerox Business ID Card®

Xerox DocuCard®

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