Out-Brand Your Competition With Quality Membership Cards

When your museum operates in a competitive market, it’s important to project a professional image in all that you do. Distributing high-quality membership cards to members is part of that image. 

A large art museum in Manhattan, New York City, recently had a challenge in this area. Membership cards were delivered late, printed incorrectly on the sheets, and required new software programming to use the same cards they had been using for several years. Their supplier refused to pay for the software upgrades or reprint the membership card sheets that had been printed incorrectly, prompting the museum to look for a new supplier.

Brooke Business Forms solved this challenge by offering a competitive price that was 20 percent lower than the old supplier, providing references and card samples, and assuring the museum that it would receive quality cards delivered on time. Any problems would be solved at no cost to the museum.

“We were pleased to have an opportunity to support the branding of a very prestigious museum by providing high quality and excellent customer service that we believe is essential in any museum-supplier relationship,” said Neil Rosen, “it’s simply the right way to do business.”

“We have found that the perceptions that members have of a museum are driven by many factors, but the membership card is the one thing that they carry with them that serves as a constant reminder of the museum and what it means to them in their lives. Having a durable, high-quality card is an essential step that museums must take to reinforce their brand in a positive way.”

“We also know that every museum wants to see samples and try them out before they buy, so that’s why we send free samples as often as requested. The feedback we get has been extremely positive and usually results in a new business relationship.”

For more information and to obtain free samples, call our resident museum membership card products expert, Neil Rosen, 800-228-0202 or email him, neil@brookebusiness.com.