Integrated Cards & Labels
Integrated cards are quickly becoming a replacement for many membership, identification, preferred customer, discount, and other types of cards.  By adding laminates to the card, you can get a durable product that is both printable and accepts ballpoint pens.  These cards are available in 8-1/2 x 11 & 8-1/2 x 14 laser or ink jet cut sheet or continuous formats.  Integrated cards are perfed or die cut into the same stock as the carrier, which helps prevent cards from detaching or jamming in printers like some affixed cards.   Also, because there is no “card bulge”, more forms can be loaded into in-feed trays.  They are also less expensive then an affixed card.  Integrated labels & magnets are also available and the magnets are a great promotional product. 
Integrated Membership ID Cards: Press Release
We have just concluded a partnership agreement with a large trade only manufacturer of integrated membership ID cards.
They produce a wide variety of laser & inkjet custom card products and maintain an extensive inventory of blank “ready to ship” product.
We’ve negotiated a pricing structure that allows us to discount this product to our customers by more than 30%.
Contact us by telephone, 800-228-0202, or email Neil Rosen,, for information, pricing and free product samples.